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R 3.1.0 “Spring Dance” Released

The latest update to the open source R project, R 3.1.0 code name Spring Dance, is now available and released on 10 April 2014. All the changes done in R 3.1.0 are listed in the Release Note. The major ones are:

1. Better big data support for some matrix summary operations and the Fast Fourier Transform.

2. A new function anyNA for quickly detecting missing values in a vector.

3. Improved timezone support and better support for dates in the far past and future.

4. New support for package developers to include C++11 code.

5. Improved accuracy for the far extremes of some statistical distributions, and minor bug fixes for a few functions.

6. Reduced memory use (for example, fewer copies made of objects during some assignments). Intriguingly, R now supports a reference counting system which promises to reduce memory use even further. It’s not used by default in 3.1.0, but it “may become the default in the future”.


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